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音楽-だけ is an music rotation dedicated to giving you guys the best music we can think of! We'll supply you with a wide variety of media (Although don't expect too much outside of Asian languages), including mp3s, PVs, concerts, etc. Posts will be at the mod's whim, and there's really no guidelines. We only ask for some rules to be followed!

1. These files are meant as samples only. We ask you to delete them after 48 hours, and buy the artist's media if you like what you hear!

2. COMMENT. We really appreciate the comments to let us know we are doing our thing right. Silent leeching is not appreciated.

3. Do not, under any circumstances, use our links anywhere else on the internet, unless credit/links back are given. Stealing links is just plain mean, and you don't want to make us sad, right?

4. No drama, towards the mods, other members, etc. Any rudeness towards anyone will not be tolerated, and will result in being blocked from the community.

Violation of these rules will result in your removal from the community. If we see many downloads, but no comments, a member-cut will be made. Of course, since it's an openly-viewable community, we can't control all of the leeching. But we still ask members and non-members to abide by our rules!

KEEP IN MIND: this community is still in its very early stages; we'll be adding more features as time goes on!

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Hello, there, I'm your maintainer! I'll be posting here quite frequently, due to lack of a life anything better to do. I'm gonna be keeping you kiddies in line with my awesome jrock-influenced powers. You should be frightened.
My jrock obsession started just a year or two ago. Miyavi was introduced into my life, and I've been a hermit ever since. Although my background stems from almost strictly jrock, I am open to anything good; I'll listen to any genre, any language, as long as it's quality stuff. I live by music, so you'll hear a lot about it, and little else from me.
I'm obsessed with Korean hip hop/rap/R & B lately, although I juggle that and indie rock. VK is on it's way out for me; don't ask me about that unless you want to hear my little lecture. ;)
I'm an open person, feel free to blab at me any time. If you have any questions or comments, hit me up.

Hello everyone! I'm one of your mods. I'll try my best to upload as much stuff as I possibly can but bear with me because my computer can be a pain sometimes. The thing only has 7GB left! >< I guess one would call me the biggest Jpop fan of the staff so be prepared!
I discovered Japanese music about 4 and a half years ago when I heard Utada Hikaru on, you guessed it, Kingdom Hearts. About 2 years ago, I started getting really into it and got interested in Jrock and Visual Kei. I really like female pop-rock and female fronted bands for some reason. To sum it up, I'm very well versed in both Jrock and Jpop. Music is literally my life.
Feel free to contact me by any means. I'm still a bit new to Live Journal so I'm still learning the ropes.

HI PEOPLE. I'm Yuro, one of the mods! Hmm... what to say... well, I'm a Jrock freak. I'm probably the one with the less time on it, though. Around a year or so. But anyway! I'll try to upload frequently, because I love sharing wonderful bands with other people. =) I'm open minded, and I listen to Jpop, Jrap, and other various genres. But Jrock and Visual Kei overule, so expect that from me the most! I was introduced -at some point- to Japanese music through anime (as usally happens). But at the beginning, I didn't put too much interest into it. Until I heard "Last Song" by Gackt, in an AMV. That's where it all started. Since then, I've grown to like a great amount of bands.
To finish, I'll warn you of my Live Journal illiterate-ness. I've found my way around, but I still need to learn a few things, so be patient with me. Also, feel free to contact me at any time! I love sharing and I love making new friends. 'Kay, I'll shut up now. BAI!

Hello, I'm Sakurah. One of the oh-so-feared mods. I'm probably the most strict of the above-mentioned ones, so you've been warned. I enjoy Korean, American, Chinese, Japanese and Latino music of almost any genre. I was attacked by L`Arc~en~ciel about three years ago, which peeked my curiousity. Pushing me into the more well-known bands such as Gackt, Dir en grey and Pierrot. From there...well, I found just about anything and everything that sounded good. I'm a fan of Visual Kei, Oshare Kei and Indie bands, so there's what to expect from me! Hope you enjoy it!


Interested in being an affiliate? E-mail oishii-dono (subtleanarchy@yahoo.com).

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