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Uploads: Porno Graffitti, Miwako Okuda, Schwarz Stein & Shulla 
10th-Jun-2007 04:16 pm


*Porno Graffitti (ポルノグラフィティ, Poruno Gurafiti), also known as Porno (ポルノ, Poruno) to their fans, is a Japanese male rock band from Innoshima. The band got their name from the album Pornograffitti by the band Extreme. They currently record under Sony Music Entertainment Japan Records (also known as SME Records) label.*


[Download - SS]

Artist: ポルノグラフィティ (Porno Graffitti)
Date released: 28.7.2004
Genre: Jrock/Jpop

o1. アポロ // Apollo     
o2. サボテン // Saboten      
o3. オレ、天使 // Ore, Tenshi  
o4. アゲハ蝶 // Agehachou   
o5. ラビュー・ラビュー // Love You, Love You     
o6. 音のない森 // Oto no Nai Mori   
o7.// Uzu  
o8. ヒトリノ夜 // Hitori no Yoru  
o9. ハート // heart     
10. パレット // Pallet    
11. カルマの坂 // Karma no Saka    
12. メリッサ // MELISSA    
13. まほろば○△(円山) // Mahoroba Maruyama    

Porno Graffitti is such a wonderful band. I like the fact that they're not as heavy as other rock bands, but always keeping that "something" that just cheers you up anytime. Their music is very catchy and melodic. You could say that they're on the same line as Mr.Children, but their music is much more upbeat. Out of this album, which is a compilation of some of their greatests hits, picking favorites is HARD. But Possible. So my favorites (and highly recommended) songs are Apollo, MELISSA and Hitori no Yoru  specially. That song introduced me to their music. :)
If you haven't already, give these guys a chance. It's worth it!


*Miwako Okuda (奥田美和子, Okuda Miwako), born February 13, 1982 in Yonago City, Tottori) is a Japanese solo ballad, pop, and rock singer signed to BMG JAPAN INC. 
Miwako started singing when she was a child and has always expressed a passion to become a singer. After graduating from junior high, Miwako was discovered at a live performance with her friend's band and traveled to Tokyo to begin her music career.*

二人 (

[Download - SS]

Artist: 奥田美和子 (Okuda Miwako)
Date released: 22.6.2005
Genre: Jpop
Buy: ?

o1. 青空の果て // Aozora no hate       
o2. 無言 // Mugon   
o3. 雨の音 // Ame no oto   
o4. 雨と夢のあとに // Ame to yume no ato ni         
o5. 日曜日の朝 // Nichiyoubi no asa    
o6. // Yume       
o7. 哀しみに溺れて // Kanashimi ni oborete  
o8. はばたいて鳥は消える // Habataite tori wa kieru      
o9. 絶望の果て // Zetsubou no hate  
10. さくら散る前に // Sakurachiru mae ni      
11. ブランコに揺れて // Buranko ni yurete     
12. 歌う理由 // Utau riyuu        
13. ふたり -2002.11.4.LaValse-
// Futari 

Cheers for my first Jpop upload! xD
Miwako is an amazing singer. I love her voice. Her songs are generally on the sad mood, being most of them ballads. But they're still very enjoyable. I don't look around the Jpop media exchange enough to be completely sure but, I don't see her stuff uploaded very often. I hope I'm not right, because she deserves attention. Out of this album, my favorite song is "Ame to Yume no Ato ni". =)


*Schwarz Stein was a Japanese electronic band, formed by Hora and Kaya in 2001 as "Rudolf Steiner", and disbanded in 2004.
Schwarz Stein was a solely electronic-based duo, creating a variety of decadent and broodingly dark (at times) songs during their three years of activity.*

CURRENT (Single)

[Download - SS]

Artist: Schwarz Stein
Date released: 18.11.2003
Genre: Visual Kei/Electronic

o1. Current
o2. Syphilis & Disorder
o3. Current (Instrumental)
o4. Syphilis & Disorder (Instrumental)

Something REALLY different from the other two uploads, huh? Schwarz Stein... I love those guys. Their disbandment is such a shame (though... it brought us Kaya's solo stuff... which is amazing as well). 
I can't find many words to describe their sound. You'll have to do with "synthesizer", "makeup" and "Japanese". Yep, that pretty much sums it up. Kaya has a really, REALLY deep voice. And he generally uses words like "atashi" (which is femenine). That solely makes them entertaininng enough for me. xD But, taking the jokes apart, their music is good. Not a lot of different sounds, as they are in the Electronic genre, but the arrangements are quite enjoyable, and very catchy. ;)



[Artist] Shulla
[Video] Samuzora PV 

Eh, Shulla. I'm not gonna lie, I know nothing about them. I got this PV by mistake, and got addicted to it (but I've been too lazy/busy to look for more xD). I really like the song, and I praise this band for being so creative, despite the low budget! (I say this because I've noticed lots of indie PVs where the band just stands there with heavy makeup, and flamboyant costumes, singing... and do nothing else). And the fact that they're all pretty doesn't hurt either. ;D

[Download - SS]


That's it for now. May you enjoy the music! <3

10th-Jun-2007 10:10 pm (UTC)
I took Poruno's album, thank you! ♥
10th-Jun-2007 10:13 pm (UTC)
No problem! x3
10th-Jun-2007 10:26 pm (UTC)
I will be taking the Schwarz Stein single. I'll download it tomorrow when I get home. ^_^
10th-Jun-2007 10:52 pm (UTC)
Hope you enjoy it! ~o3o
11th-Jun-2007 11:29 am (UTC)
I've been meaning to try Porno Graffiti for quite some time. So thanks, I'll be nabbing that once I finish my crazy line-up of downloads.

And might take Miwako, too. Thinkin' about it ;D

11th-Jun-2007 11:35 pm (UTC)

And you're welcome. <333
12th-Jun-2007 12:32 pm (UTC)
5th-Jul-2007 07:52 pm (UTC)
Would you mind reuploading Miwako Okuda's album for me? It would be greatly appreciated! thank you for any help ^w^
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