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The Big Big Bang Post [ #1 - The Musiks.] 
23rd-Jul-2007 12:14 pm
I'm splitting these up into two because videos take forever to upload, and I still need to rip two things.

So HERE, FINALLY. Big Bang~!

                                                 Taeyang (태양)  -  So-1[Ex-member] - Daesung (대성) - G-Dragon
                                                                                        Seungri (승리)

Big Bang is my absolute favorite band of all time. They're a Korean hip-hop group signed under the YG label (Same as SE7EN, LEXY, Master Wu, some others you may have heard of.) They sing / rap in Korean, but use a ton of English. Really GOOD English, when compared to...what you guys are probably use to. 8D I'm not going to go to in-depth here-if you want more info on them, here's their Wiki entry.


Also, as a side note: Everything here was ripped by me, unless stated otherwise (Not ripped of YouTube or something ghei like that, I took the time to get the files from the stuff that I BOUGHT.) So please repect, 'kay? :D

ALSO. If anyone else has problems with divShare, let me know. I'm always willing to upload to another server, just let me know which you prefer. (Note that I can't upload to SS, sorry. They're bitches)

First Single Album
[Release Date] 08.29.06
[Buy] YA Annyoung
01_  intro [put your hands up]
02_ we belong together / featuring 벅봄
03_ 눈문 뿐인 바부
04_ This love

[Download divShare]

[Download MediaFire]

The first BB CD I ever got. It comes with a 4+ hour long documentary, too. All the songs are GREAT. The intro is just plain fun. we belong together is a really cute, upbeat love song, and as usual, Park Bom's vocals are just fantastic. 눈문 뿐인 바부 is currently on repeat on my iTunes. And This love, which is actually Gee's solo song, is based off of Maroon 5's song under the same title. It has the same beats, just...well, Korean hip hop. o___o Makes a pretty good start for the boys.

Second  Single Album
[Release Date] 02.08.06
[Buy] YA Annyoung
01_ la la la
02_ Ma girl
03_ V.I.P
04_ la la la [instrumental]

[Download divShare]

lalala has to be one of the crowd's favorite songs for live performances (Not that it has anything to do with the lifting of the shirts and such. Naaaw.) Ma girl, Taeyang's solo, is another fantastic ballad-ish kind of thing. Makes you feel like he's singing to you! *Fangirl swoon* Also, V.I.P is a great song to just BLAST and white-girl out to. And of course, la la la instrumental - not as exciting as the one with singing, but it's a great chance to be a dork and karaoke is up. 8D

Third Single Album
[Release Date] 08.29.06
[Buy] YA Annyoung
01_ victory [intro]
02_ big bang
03_ forever with you [FEATURING
04_ good by baby
05_ 웃어본다

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I wonder if anyone even reads these little review things. Right now it's only me BB-fangirling. D: Anyway. victory is a great intro, and also my ring tone >__> big bang manages to be catchy and fun without being conceited as self-titled tracks usually are! (Okay, maybe it's VERY conceited, butwhocare<3). forever with you...okay, here's where I say this is MYFAVORITEBBSONG. Only Gee and Temp are in it, but it's just absolutely awesome. Park Bom is so insanely talented....and Gee puts so much emotion into his songs! *Cough* Moving on. good by baby is great for dancing, although all I think about anymore when I hear it is that little toddler singing and dancing to it. xD Cute. And 웃어본다, Daesung's solo, is...well, kind of boring. Probably my least favorite BB song, sorry Dae. ;___:

VOL. 1 Since 2007
[Release Date] 08.29.06
[Buy] YA Annyoung
01_ intro [big bang]
02_ She Can't Get Enough
03_ Dirty Cash
04_ 다음날 [seung-ri solo]
05_ BIG BOY [t.o.p solo | featuring 이은주]
06_ 흔들어 [featuring 이은주]
07_ 눈물뿐인 바보
08_ My Girl [tae-yang solo]
09_ La La La
10_ This Love [G-dragon solo]
11_ 웃어본다 [dae-sung solo]

[Download divShare]

Includes some previously released songs with new and improved spelling and....CAPITALS! :D! As for the new songs. The intro is just a short version of the song. She Can't Get Enough makes THEBESTEVAR song for a BB fanvideo. It also comes with a great MV where the boys show off their mooooves. Dirty Cash goes into pop territory. It's lyrics have a deeper meaning in comparison to the rest of their stuff, but it's just too fun to really take seriously. Seungri's solo is very heart-wrenching, and he proves that he was kept for a REASON. Boy can sing. BIG BOY is just plain goofy, T.O.P tries so hard to be gangsta. xD
흔들어 is probably BB's best party song, although it's probably the most American-sounding of all their stuff. A nice mix of the new and slightly old for their first album!

THE REAL | First Live Concert
[Release Date] 08.29.06
[Buy] YA Annyoung
02. V.I.P
03. MA GIRL (태양 SOLO)
04.눈물뿐인 바보
07. 웃어본다 (대성SOLO)
09. 다음날 (승리 SOLO)
13. LA- LA- LA
15. 흔들어

[Download divShare]

OMFG. This was one of the greatest lives ever xD This CD is just basically elegant audio rips of the concert itself, which I'll be ripping and uploading probably tonight. I must say, Taeyang really impressed me with his solo. And...well, it's better to actually WATCH the thing, but when you're just playing tunes, this is a good thing to have ;D


Gimme That (G-Dragon)  [Watch]

Gee covers Chris Brown's Gimme that, without all the annoying repitition. I think he sounds better than Chris xD Because, you know, I'm totally not biased or anything.

[Download divShare]

Happy Manwon Song   (There's a video to this, I just don't know how to find it. :D )

You  know. I don't even know what the hell this is....if I knew Korean culture a bit more, I'd probably know. xD Whatever. It's funny.

[Download divShare]


For tagging purposes, I've put two spaces inbetween Big and Bang. This is because of a particular Norwegian band under the same name who's fans get all wanky over seeing Korean on their precious page. To avoid the stupidity, please keep it this way.

The video post should be up by tomorrow....maybe. Depending. I hope you all become raging BB-girls/boys like me. <3

Of course, I'm a girl. ....>> Thought I'd clear that up.
23rd-Jul-2007 05:35 pm (UTC)
Taking the first three and the one being uploaded...when it's done, biznatch.
I shall be a BB-girl with you. ♥

23rd-Jul-2007 06:11 pm (UTC)
You better be. ♥
23rd-Jul-2007 05:46 pm (UTC)
looks interestting!
thank you!
23rd-Jul-2007 06:12 pm (UTC)
Interesting is one thing they certainly are. xD I hope you like 'em! :D
23rd-Jul-2007 06:28 pm (UTC)
hm hm i`m still stuck with this server O.o
can you reupload it on MU? only single for the dirst, need to hear first them.
23rd-Jul-2007 06:35 pm (UTC)
I was afraid that'd happen.

I'll upload the first single on MF, lemme know if you want the others, I'll be more than happy to upload them, too. ^__^
23rd-Jul-2007 07:02 pm (UTC)
hi hi ^^
thank you so much, you are so kind!
23rd-Jul-2007 07:37 pm (UTC)
All set. Just let me know if you want the others, too. ^__^b And it's no problem :)
24th-Jul-2007 08:22 am (UTC)
thank you so much ^^
Eh but this music style is not mine. I love Korean music but such bands (singers) as Seo TaiJi, Buzz, Moon Hee Jun,The Nuts, Pia etc. smth like classical rock or punk-rock.
This band sound like R&B but guys have great vocals and look very charming ^^
24th-Jul-2007 03:14 pm (UTC)
I has tooken. 8D
2nd-Oct-2007 12:03 am (UTC)
[has recently become a raging BB-girl/boy 8D]

taking everything, thaaaanks.
24th-Feb-2008 05:29 am (UTC)
omg, this is kinda slow, but dyou mind reupping the first live album on mediafire for me? i'm from singapore, and divshare says users in se asia aren't entitled to free access -_- thanks so so so much in advance <3
12th-Apr-2008 06:59 pm (UTC)

Thank you so much. x3
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