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Jay Chou, abingdon boys school 
12th-Jun-2007 10:43 am
Gee Smile
More uploads from me~


七里香        (Qi Li Xiang)

[Artist] Jay Chou (周杰倫) -OHP-
[Release Date] 08.03.04
[Language] Chinese
[Genre] R&B, Hip-Hop
[Buy] YA
01> Wo De Di Pan (我的地盤)
02> Qi Li Xiang (七里香)

03> Jie Kou (藉口)
04> Wai Po (外婆)
05> Jiang Jun (將軍)
06> Ge Qian (擱淺)
07> Luan Wu Chun Qiu (亂舞春秋)
08> Kun Shou Zhi Dou (困獸之鬥)
09> Yuan You Hui (園遊會)
10> Zhi Zhan Zhi Shang (止戰之殤)

[Download SS]

OKAY. Jay. I'm batshit over Jay. He has a really nice, at times mellow sound to his music. You'll hear right away, after little research, that his vocals really aren't up to par. And I'll admit, he doesn't have THEBESTVOICEEVAR. Maybe it's just me, but I really don't notice it when I listen to his music. He has the deeper hip-hop stuff going on in tracks like Jiang Jun, but he also has some really relaxing melodies, as well. If you like that kind of stuff, GO FOR THIS ALBUM. I really recommend it, anyway. Don't get scared away by the language, either. Just give him a shot<3

abingdon boys school -OHP-

Innocent Sorrow

[Release Date] 12.06.06
[Language] Japanese/Some English
[Genre] Rock
[Buy] CDJ YA
01> Innocent Sorrow
02> Fre@K $HoW

[Download SS]

A good, good single. Innocent Sorrow is a FANTASTIC song, it'll just drag you right the fuck in from the first couple seconds after Takanori opens his mouth. Very catchy. Fre@K $HoW is just as entertaining; the angrier guitar sounds are fantastic, and the vocal distorts are just plain fun. Granted, pronunciation could be better, but hey. That's the story of J-rock.<3


[Release Date] 5.16.07
[Language] Japanese/Some English
[Genre] Rock
[Buy] CDJ YA

02> Nervous Breakdown

[Download SS]

UMGHOWLING<3 That is definitely my all-time favorite a.b.s. song inthehistoryoftheworld. The lyrics, although slightly generic, are absolutely captivating. I don't know what to say over this single-it makes me dribble. If you download any of these guy's stuff, I'd definitely suggest you start out with this one. (Side note: I realized after I uploaded this single that the file name has the album as "DARKER THAN BLACK" with some weirdness. But it is the HOWLING single...change it if you're O.C.D. about your files like me.)

[From] LOVE for NANA ~Only 1 Tribute~
[Title] stay away

[Download SS]

[From] PARADE ~Respective Tracks of BUCK-TICK~
[Title] ドレス (DRESS)

[Download SS]

I do have a.b.s. PVs and two lives: if you'd like them, feel free to request them.

Also, these guys have a NEW SINGLE coming out on July 4th (the same date as The GazettE's new album!), and I'll be uploading that as soon as I get it. Keep your eyes peeled for it~ [CDJ YA]
12th-Jun-2007 09:46 pm (UTC)
Snagging the a.b.s. singles. I...I...think I'm in love...with their music, of course! Damn you and your musical influence! Just kidding, I lub you!*hugs*
12th-Jun-2007 11:32 pm (UTC)
That's right. You love them. >D
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